Task 5

The novel is a fantasy novel, and it is from a different time period. The story is from the future.


Task 7

The point of view in this store is Third person Limited.

A example of that can be ” I never want to have kids”. i say.

“i might. if i didnt live here,” says Gale

“but you do,” i say, irritated

“forget it,” he snap back

Why i chose the book “The Hunger Games”

The Hunger Games bilde.png

I chose this book because I have watched the film before and I liked it and wanted to read the book. And I wanted to see if there was anything that wasn’t in the film but is in the book. There is always something in the book that isn’t in the film because the film can’t be as long as the book can, and therefore there are something that the film hasn’t but is in the book.

And this book seems very interesting for me, because I like this type of books. This type of books makes me go deep into them and make me want to read more.